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Fernando Checo, MD – World Spine Outreach

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Global outreach programs can play a pivotal role in opening up new doors for patients in developing nations that require complex healthcare treatment. Fernando Checo, MD, an expert orthopedic surgeon at The Central Orthopedic Group, previously contributed to a medical humanitarian initiative. This initiative was designed to empower foreign doctors, and improve patients’ quality of  … View More

Fernando Checo, MD – Helping Those in Need of Shoes & Foot Care

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At Central Orthopedics, we aim to cultivate a culture that encourages and rewards physicians who apply their healthcare skills in volunteer settings. Several of our orthopedic doctors are passionate about volunteerism, and recognize the higher cause in helping those who are less fortunate. One such doctor is Fernando Checo, MD, who has volunteered in many  … View More

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Fernando Checo, MD – Neck & Spine Surgery Specialist

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At The Central Orthopedic Group and Physical Therapy, our mission is to help all of our patients recover from injuries with minimal pain, and return to an enjoyable, pain-free lifestyle as soon as possible. Our versatile staff is eager to help patients during each phase of recovery: from diagnosis, to devising a recovery strategy, and  … View More

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Sports Medicine: New Recommended Exercise Guidelines

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For some people, exercising is a standard part of any day’s routine — jogging comes as naturally as hand washing. For others, though, finding the motivation and time to exercise can be more difficult. With Amazon Prime eliminating trips to the grocery store and Uber Eats delivering food to the home, people are less likely  … View More

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Sports Medicine: Top 4 Basketball Injuries to Look Out For

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With football season wrapping up and temperatures dropping, athletes are beginning to move inside. Soon, student athletes and adults alike will begin playing indoor basketball, both competitively and as a form of exercise. Unfortunately, with this transition comes the potential for new sports injuries. While basketball may not involve as much physical contact as other  … View More