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Back Pain Management: Spinal Epidural Injections

Categories: Back Pain / Pain Management

Unfortunately, there are over 3 million individuals with back pain in the United States each day. This discomfort is equally likely to be caused by poor long-term habits as it is to be caused by a sports injury. Regardless of the cause, coming up with a unique and dedicated pain management plan is critical. When  … View More

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The Role of Diagnosis in Sports Injury Treatment

Categories: Sports Medicine

Recovering from a sports injury is not a simple task. Depending on the extent of the injury and other conditions, it can take months or years. But, before you can begin the recovery process, it’s important to be sure that you are receiving treatment for the appropriate condition. At Central Orthopedics, we help patients with  … View More

How to Prevent Back Pain During the Summer

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For many people living on Long Island, summer is a transformative time. There’s no better opportunity to take advantage of the glorious beaches, or to spend hours with friends in your backyard. As Long Island orthopedists, we have unfortunately observed that these summer activities can take a toll on your physical health, without the proper  … View More

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What is a High-Field MRI and Why We Use It

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing / General Orthopedics

At Central Orthopedics, our goal is to provide patients with the treatment they need to overcome their injuries. In order to provide this treatment, we need to first assess these injuries with an MRI machine. We recently acquired a new high-field MRI machine, which has expanded our ability to diagnose injuries and develop treatment plans.  … View More

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Range of Motion: What You Need to Know

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing / Exercises

After suffering from a sports injury or another lifestyle injury, you will likely be in some degree of pain. However, a lack of joint mobility is the true measure of how injured the particular body part is. Without the normal range of motion, the affected joint is still injured. And, consequently, all Sports medicine treatments  … View More