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4 Tips for Safer Yoga

Categories: Exercises

As a Long Island orthopedist, Central Orthopedic Group treats every kind of orthopedic injury you can imagine. Surprisingly, many of these injuries come from beneficial activities, like your job. Additionally, one of the more surprising activities than can lead to injury is yoga. Of course, at Central Orthopedic Group we understand the many physical (and  … View More

Doctor with MRI and Patient

What is a High-Field MRI and Why We Use It

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing / General Orthopedics

At Central Orthopedics, our goal has always been to provide patients with the treatment they need to overcome injuries. In order to provide this treatment, we need to first assess these injuries with an MRI machine. We utilize a new high-field MRI machine, which expands our ability to diagnose injuries and develop treatment plans. For  … View More

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7 Ways Seniors Can Exercise During the Winter

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As all seniors know, the winter brings many potential dangers. Driving in the snow is dangerous, the flu spreads like wildfire, and it’s far too cold to exercise. Or is it? As Long Island’s leading orthopedists, we can confirm that it’s important to keep your body active during all times of the year. Even for seniors,  … View More

Ankle strain injury while running outdoors

Strain Injuries: Some Basic Information

Categories: General Orthopedics

As Long Island’s leading orthopedist, Central Orthopedic Group diagnoses and treats several different orthopedic injuries on a regular basis. One of the most common types of orthopedic injuries we treat is strain injury. Now that the weather has plummeted, strains are among the common winter injuries treated here at Central Orthopedic Group. Many people often  … View More

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4 Common Causes of Winter Injuries

Categories: General Orthopedics

Winter is just about here! During this time of year, most of us worry about the flu, the common cold, and other winter ailments. However, you should also be conscious of bodily injuries! Icy walkways and slippery driving conditions can create dangerous situations. And unfortunately, your body is particularly vulnerable to injuries during the winter.  … View More

Grey haired middle aged senior male sitting alone in the kitchen on chair stretching back after long time working on computer doing exercises for loins preventing osteoarthritis and spinal stenosi

Spinal Stenosis & How it’s Treated

Categories: Back Pain / Diagnosis & Testing

As Long Island’s leading orthopedist, Central Orthopedic Group diagnoses and treats several different orthopedic injuries on a regular basis. Spinal stenosis is currently one of the most common injuries being treated by orthopedists. Spinal stenosis is most often experienced in the lower back and neck. Successful pain management and treatment is possible for spinal stenosis.  … View More

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Top 5 Most Body Taxing Jobs

Categories: Back Pain

Did you know that the average person spends almost half their lives working? You’re likely thinking as you read this that you spend more time working than at home. If you find yourself plagued by mysterious pains, aches or bruises, it’s very likely that you have your job to thank. Our jobs are usually pretty  … View More