Central Orthopedic Doctor Sees Spike in Hoverboard Injuries

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Dr Mitchell Keschner of the Central Orthopedic Group sat down with the team at News 12 Long Island to discuss the influx of hoverboard related injuries that are plaguing youth and adults alike since their increase in popularity over the last several months. A 12-year-old boy from Plainview fell off his hoverboard just a day after receiving it. The fall left him with several wrist fractures.

Dr Keschner, an orthopedist, says he has seen 20-30 patients in the past six months, all of whom have suffered hoverboard-related injuries. While some of Dr. Keschner’s patients have been given a 3 to 5 week cast treatment, others have required bone manipulation, or in some cases surgical treatments. Keschner says parents should make sure their kids are wearing helmets and even wrist and knee guards to help prevent injuries. Riding should be limited to smooth, indoor surfaces to limit the risk of falls on uneven pavement.

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Dr. Keschner discusses common hoverboard injuries and tips for injury prevention in this exclusive segment with News 12 Long Island.