What is an Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Massage: Restoring The Balance

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Who doesn’t love a good massage? Our muscles and joints can be greatly affected from our daily activities. A long relaxing massage can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. But what if you suffer from arthritis or back pain? Aside from the relaxation provided by a typical massage, orthopedic massage therapy might be the solution for your orthopedic issues.


What Is An Orthopedic Massage?

Unlike traditional massage therapy, Orthopedic Massage isn’t a technique or set of techniques. Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a multidisciplinary approach to relieving muscular and soft tissue pain, dysfunction, and injuries. Meaning that the approach used in orthopedic massage is more comprehensive and seeks to resolve the client’s pain by restoring the structural balance and increasing flexibility throughout the body. This provides the client with a means to heal more quickly from a recent surgery, or to avoid it altogether.


How It Works

There are three stages to an Orthopedic Massage:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation:
    The Orthopedic Therapist will discuss with the client the origin of the pain. Where is it and why? This helps the massage therapist to identify the possibilities involved in creating pain or restricting movement. This understanding is then used to determine whether or not it is safe to do massage, and what techniques would be effective.
  2. Treatment Strategy:
    Once an evaluation has been made, a plan is set in motion. The assessment provided will point to particular tissues and techniques that will compliment the condition being treated without aggravating it.
  3. Treatment Application:
    During the massage session, additional information is gathered through more detailed palpation of the tissues and by monitoring the tissues’ responses to the technique being performed. The client’s experience of the treatment’s effects are also considered. This may result in the treatment being modified as information is gathered, leading to a better result than if the initial strategy had been followed.

Is Orthopedic Massage Right For Me?

Determining if an orthopedic massage is right for you will be a part of your assessment and evaluation. However, orthopedic massage has been proven to help or cure many conditions such as:

pain management

It is very important to know how to treat your orthopedic condition. You want your body structure to be in its optimum balance to prevent any other issues from arising. Don’t hesitate to consult with Central Orthopedic and find out if orthopedic massage might be for you.