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Top 5 Most Body Taxing Jobs

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Adults spend almost half their lives working. You probably spend more time at your job than you do at home. If you ever wonder where your general aches and pains come from, it is more than likely related to what you do for a living. Jobs that require you to repeat your movements each day, or are physically demanding, can wreak havoc on your joints and muscles. Take a look at the 5 most taxing jobs on the body.


#1 Construction Workers

This may be considered one of the obvious choices for this list. Construction workers usually spend 8 hours a day or more lifting heavy objects, and often incorrectly. That takes a serious toll on their backs and legs. They also use tools that vibrate, which could induce arthritis in their hands as well as chronic wrist and shoulder pain.


#2 Wait Staff

Did you know that waiting tables is considered one of the top ten most stressful jobs in the world? The constant walking, lifting, and bending that servers do will eventually damage their body. Their backs, knees, feet, and necks are all affected by their profession. In order to prevent bodily damage from being a server, it is wise for them to eat well, exercise, and pay close attention to their joint and muscle health.


#3 Musicians

Does this one surprise you? Musicians spend hours at a time making repetitive motions with their instruments. This puts a strain on their muscles and joints, and can cause general stiffness as well as athritis. Prevention from pain and arthritis is difficult. Musicians should regularly change their routines of playing. For example, they should be adept at switching hands, and how they hold their instrument of choice.


#4 Teachers

Teachers spend practically their whole day on their feet and make a lot of repetitive motion. Both of those attributes are not good for joint and muscle health. It’s certainly not any good for their feet either. Teachers should invest in good footwear. Examples of this would be flat, or low heeled shoes that provide support for the entire foot, especially under the arch. Female teachers should not wear high heels as this will add to foot problems as well as back and neck aches as well.

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#5 Health Care Workers

Here is another example of a job in which its workers are on their feet a lot. Nurses and paramedics should always wear comfortable and supportive footwear, just like teachers should. Another aspect of being a healthcare worker is that they often have to do heavy lifting. Lifting patients into positions is detrimental to the back, and knees. To mitigate the muscle and joint strains, healthcare workers should take advantage of wheelchairs and gurneys. These are a great help to save some of the body pressure they may feel.



At the end of the day, nearly any job can damage an employee’s body. From sitting at a desk, to moving furniture, there is always risk of muscle and joint strain. For any more tips on how to keep pain free on the job, feel free to contact Central Orthopedic anytime.