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Common Summertime Cause of Orthopedic Injuries

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Here on Long Island, summer’s in full swing. The sun is blazing hot, the days are nice and long, pools are open and the water’s warm. Therefore, we orthopedists are helping our patients deal with the kinds of injuries that are unique to the summer months. Most of us view summer as the best time of the year, when we’re not shivering in the bitter cold. However, with summer comes summertime orthopedic injuries.

Did you know that the summer season brings about a host of orthopedic ailments? While summer is, indeed, a time to cut loose, it’s also a time to be cautious. In this post, we’ll explore the most common orthopedic injuries that we diagnose our patients with this time of year.


Top Summertime Injuries: Shoulder Injuries

Admittedly, these injuries occur all year round. However, they reach their peak when the weather is at its warmest. Summertime activities like swimming, volleyball, golf, tennis and baseball can all put a severe strain on shoulders. In fact, the strains and tears from shoulder injuries can even lead to arthritis over time.

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When it comes to volleyball, this is the kind of game that induces shoulder pain in many of our patients. Volleyball requires a lot of repetitive arm motions throughout the game. Therefore, the frequent serving and spiking dramatically increases the chance of a strain or tear.


Obviously, swimming is an excellent way to exercise. We’ll never try to discourage anyone from swimming! However, while it’s a great way to stay in shape, it’s also a potential cause for shoulder injuries. Like volleyball, swimming requires a lot of repetitive motions. Any excessive repeat motions can lead to painful inflammation, limited range of motion in the shoulders. Many swimmers experience this kind of ailment on a regular basis.

Yard Work

Here on Long Island, we love our pristine lawns and backyards. In fact, we’re willing to work really hard on keeping our property in fabulous shape, especially in the summer. However, yard work is also one of the primary causes of summertime injuries.

Trimming branches, mowing lawns, gardening and raking leaves all require a lot of repetitive motions. Like swimming and volleyball, this can put a lot of strain on rotator cuffs and muscles. In fact, these activities can cause torn muscles and shoulder or leg pain. Additionally, heavy lifting can lead to extensive muscle damage. Carrying sacks of soil or mulch, pushing heavy equipment and transporting stone yard ornaments are all very common summertime activities. Also, they’re very common causes for summertime injuries that need physical therapy. Be extra careful when doing yard work to prevent any mishaps.


No matter what kind of activity you’re doing, there are ways to prevent injuries. You don’t have to avoid sports or yard work entirely to stay healthy and pain-free! These may seem like obvious tips, but they’re definitely worth trying!

  • Warm up! Before or after any strenuous activity, loosen your body up. You’ll greatly lower the odds of injuring yourself if you prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Remember: proper form and posture. This really is key to any kind of activity. Take the time to research the proper form and stance for sports and you’ll avoid a painful injury. When in doubt, always consult the pros.
  • R.I.C.E. This acronym is pretty much an orthopedist’s mantra. If you do find yourself on the receiving end of an orthopedic injury, this is always a great way to cope at home. For any kind of strain or tear, you should Rest, apply Ice, use an ice pack to Compress, and Elevate the injured area. This gives your body ample time to heal, reduces swelling, tension and pain. In addition, an anti-inflammatory medication can assist with the healing.


Conclusion – Central Orthopedic Group

At Central Orthopedic Group, we maintain a passionate commitment to help Long Islanders help from their orthopedic injuries. Throughout the summer, it’s great to enjoy the sun, water and sports. However, it’s also important to stay safe and avoid painful orthopedic injuries.