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3 Quick Tips for Better Orthopedic Health in 2021

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2020 is officially behind us. As a result, most of us couldn’t be happier. Obviously, 2020 was a year of significant challenges for just about everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on countless aspects of our lives and continues to affect us in many ways. However, with 2021 (and an impending vaccine) comes  … View More

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6 Best Foods to Eat While Recovering From Sports Injuries

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While sports injury pain can vary in intensity, it’s more than likely that you’re eager to recover quickly. Of course, making an appointment with a qualified orthopedic specialist is the easiest way to do this. Naturally, they’ll provide a definitive diagnosis and begin your treatment. However, in addition, they’ll help you learn about the appropriate  … View More

Winter Slip & Fall Prevention

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Here on Long Island, it’s time to pull on our coats, hats, scarves and gloves, and prepare to battle through another long winter. Many of us find this to be a particularly difficult season. The shortage of natural light and bitterly cold temperatures make winter a challenge for most of us. In addition, it can  … View More

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Why You Should Never Wear Flip-Flops Again

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Summer is officially over. Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily mean the warm weather is over. In fact, we probably still have another solid month of heat ahead of us before it gets chilly. For many of us, that means another solid month of wearing flip-flops. Many of us consider flip-flops to be super convenient and simple  … View More

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What’s the Best Cardio Exercise Machine for Injury Recovery?

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As the summer ends and we transition to autumn, many passionate runners will be heading indoors. And, while runners may prefer the natural feeling of running outside, there are also benefits to indoor cardio machines. Most gyms have several types of cardio machines – each of which have different orthopedic benefits. Depending on your condition,  … View More

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Common Summertime Cause of Orthopedic Injuries

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Here on Long Island, summer’s in full swing. The sun is blazing hot, the days are nice and long, pools are open and the water’s warm. Therefore, we orthopedists are helping our patients deal with the kinds of injuries that are unique to the summer months. Most of us view summer as the best time  … View More

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All About Sprained Ankles

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Sprained ankles are one of the most unpleasant sports injuries. Athletes rightfully fear them, as they can take them off their feet for a considerable amount of time. Sprained ankles vary in severity and recovery time, and many patients often have a lot of questions about them. Basically, sprained ankles come from rolling, twisting or  … View More

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How (And Why) Cold Weather Affects Your Knees

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On Long Island, we’re still battling through the bitter cold of winter. As most of us know, this is a season that can burden us with significant orthopedic challenges. As a Long Island orthopedist, we treat several injuries caused during winter. Between ice, snow, shoveling and car accidents, winter is a time for everyone to  … View More