Diagnosing Sports Injuries - Long Island

Understanding Your Sports Injury

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If you’re an athlete, then you know sports will take its toll on your body. Done regularly, movements like running, jumping, or pivoting can negatively impact joints, muscles, and bones. Furthermore, improper form can increase this risk. Our highly qualified staff will diagnose and treat your sports injury. However, it is important for athletes to  … View More

man holding ankle while outdoors

Ankles: From Sprains to Surgeries

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What you need to know about common ankle injuries. Whether you’ve had a collision on a sports field, tripped while on a power walk, or had a moment of poor form in crossfit, chances are that you have sore ankle joints. So at what point does this pain go from a bummer that holds you  … View More

man with back pain playing golf

4 Common Golf Injuries: Treatment & Prevention

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Now that summer is finally almost here, it’s time to start enjoying our favorite outdoor activities again. And for many of us, especially on Long Island, there’s nothing like waking up early to hit the golf course. However, the subsequent pain can really dampen that joy. While golfing is a great and fun way to  … View More

Sport injury. Woman feeling pain on her foot after swimming at swimming pool

4 Common Swimming Injuries: Prevention & Recovery

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Long Islanders are rejoicing – we’re right in the heart of summer! Few places are as synonymous with summer as Long Island. With our beaches, vineyards, lighthouses, gorgeous seascapes and more, Long Island truly comes alive in the summertime. Of course, swimmers in particular have something to celebrate when temperatures rise. While swimming is an  … View More

Hand doctor point MRI of shoulder Explain the results to the patient to know rotator cuff tendon tear red highlight focus

Rotator Cuff Injuries: What You Need to Know

Categories: Sports Medicine

Spring and summer are seasons of high activity. Therefore, rotator cuff tears are a common summertime injury. Often, things like swimming, tennis, volleyball and other upper-body workouts are the types of activity that lead to rotator cuff tears. Everyone knows: injuries happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro athlete or weekend surfer. No one  … View More

Skiing on mountain

How to Stay Safe While Skiing & Snowboarding

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Ask any of the millions of Americans with a passion for skiing or snowboarding, and they’ll instantly cite February as the very best time to hit the slopes. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most ski resorts are open to the public. Also, this means they’re ready for icy-sport-loving adrenaline junkies to start generating serious downhill  … View More

woman on elliptical

Reducing Knee Pain With Low-Impact Exercise

Categories: Exercises / Pain Management / Sports Medicine

Without a doubt, the knee is a complex joint. And it engages in more daily functions than you might think. Whether you have a chronic discomfort condition or severe injury, knee pain is a major obstacle. This discomfort can prevent more aggressive physical lifestyles–like contact sports–altogether. For patients undergoing orthopedic recovery, active exercises might not  … View More

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6 Best Foods to Eat While Recovering From Sports Injuries

Categories: General Orthopedics / Sports Medicine

While sports injury pain can vary in intensity, it’s more than likely that you’re eager to recover quickly. Of course, making an appointment with a qualified orthopedic specialist is the easiest way to do this. Naturally, they’ll provide a definitive diagnosis and begin your treatment. However, in addition, they’ll help you learn about the appropriate  … View More