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Understanding Your Sports Injury

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If you’re an athlete, then you know sports will take its toll on your body. Done regularly, movements like running, jumping, or pivoting can negatively impact joints, muscles, and bones. Furthermore, improper form can increase this risk. Our highly qualified staff will diagnose and treat your sports injury. However, it is important for athletes to  … View More

What You Need To Know About Your Arthritis Diagnosis

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Symptoms, Causes & Treatments of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Arthritis is a condition which refers to inflammation, which can result in joint pain, swelling and limited mobility. While arthritis is most commonly associated with joint related issues, it can also affect cardiovascular health, as well as other conditions. Some arthritic forms, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, are  … View More

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Spinal Stenosis & How it’s Treated

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As Long Island’s leading orthopedist, Central Orthopedic Group diagnoses and treats many orthopedic injuries every day. Right now, spinal stenosis is one of the most common injuries orthopedists treat nationwide. Most often, spinal stenosis affects the lower back and neck. Successful pain management and treatment is absolutely possible for spinal stenosis. And, there are several  … View More

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How Long Should You Wait Before Seeking Shoulder Pain Treatment?

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At Central Orthopedic Group, we’re no strangers to patients with shoulder pain. In fact, like hip pain, it’s one of the most common sports injuries. Athletes who use repetitive motions like swimmers, tennis players and weightlifters often experience shoulder pain. However, while it’s very common with athletes, it can also happen to anyone. Also, it  … View More

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How Do You Treat Hip Pain?

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At Central Orthopedic, we regularly treat our patients’ ailments ranging from shoulder pain to golf injuries. Often, one of the more prevalent problems our patients face involve the hip. Obviously, our staff of surgeons and pain management specialists understand the difficulties of hip injuries. Without proper treatment, a hip injury can prevent you from engaging  … View More

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Dislocated Hip: The Symptoms

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As a leading Long Island orthopedist, we’re no strangers to hip questions. Very often, our patients complain of hip pain. This includes swelling, aches or feeling “out of place.” Have you been experiencing any of these issues? If so, you might be feeling the symptoms of a dislocated hip. In this post, we’ll discuss hip  … View More

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Range of Motion: What You Need to Know

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After suffering from an orthopedic injury, you’ll likely be in some pain. However, a lack of joint mobility is the true indicator of an injury’s severity. Without the normal range of motion, the affected joint is still injured. Consequently, all sports medicine treatments are oriented toward restoring the full range of motion.   What is Range  … View More

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What is a High-Field MRI and Why We Use It

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At Central Orthopedics, our goal has always been to provide patients with the treatment they need to overcome injuries. In order to provide this treatment, we need to first assess these injuries with an MRI machine. We utilize a new high-field MRI machine, which expands our ability to diagnose injuries and develop treatment plans. For  … View More