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Fernando Checo, MD – World Spine Outreach

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Global outreach programs can play a pivotal role in opening up new doors for patients in developing nations that require complex healthcare treatment. Fernando Checo, MD, an expert orthopedic surgeon at The Central Orthopedic Group, previously contributed to a medical humanitarian initiative. This initiative was designed to empower foreign doctors, and improve patients’ quality of life.


Dr. Fernando Checo

Teaching Surgeons In the Dominican Republic

Dr. Checo recently volunteered in the Dominican Republic with the Butterfly Foundation; a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping surgeons in foreign countries learn about surgical procedures for correcting spinal deformities. During this medical mission trip, Dr. Checo instructed local surgical residents about emerging surgical techniques to improve the success rate of their procedures. By helping these doctors refine their post-surgery treatment, Dr. Checo also helped them to ensure that their patients enjoyed long-term recoveries by helping them to develop improved pain management procedures.

Providing ongoing education about new spinal surgery techniques is vital in ensuring that all patients receive first-rate healthcare, and live pain-free. By participating in this program, Dr. Checo opened up a world of new opportunity for children with rare spinal deformities.


fernando checo, md

Performing Surgical Procedures for Children In Need

In addition to equipping surgeons with the information they need to provide top-notch surgical care, Dr. Checo also served as a member of an international surgical team. He performed complex scoliosis corrective surgeries for patients at the Salvatore Gutier Hospital.


Sharing Skills With Up and Coming Surgeons

Dr. Checo continues to channel his passion for education by teaching surgical students on Long Island. As a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Northwell Hospital at Plainview, he is actively involved in teaching and training orthopedic surgery residents. He has previously served as a Clinical Instructor at the Tufts University School of Medicine after his Spine Surgery Fellowship.