Physical therapist helping elderly woman with hand pain

12 Simple Exercises to Heal Your Injured Hand

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Hand injuries impose a unique challenge. In addition to the associated pain, hand injuries can be extremely inconvenient. At Central Orthopedics, our Westbury hand surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform restorative surgeries that will help you to resume your normal lifestyle. There are simple steps that you can take to expedite your recovery in a  … View More

senior citizen out in the winter

How To Handle Arthritis This Winter

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Many people who suffer from arthritis complain that it will flare up during rainy or cold weather. Therefore, winter isn’t always a fun time for those who have the condition. Throughout the winter months it is very true that your arthritis can be considerably more painful. In order to better cope with the pain management,  … View More

Pain Management: 4 Natural Remedies

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Pain management is an increasing concern across the country. As we get older we often develop pain in our joints, knees, or neck. You name it, it starts to hurt. Sometimes our pains are diagnosed as something specific like rheumatoid arthritis, for example. More often than not our bodies are experiencing the normal wear and  … View More

Water Therapy Group for Arthritis Treatment

Aqua Therapy: Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Aqua Therapy Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered When it Comes to Your Arthritis Pain Trade in your sneakers for a swimsuit! The stiffness and joint pain associated with arthritis can make exercising incredibly difficult. But staying active can promote improvement in your level of flexibility and range of motion, as well as protect  … View More

Should I use hot or cold for an injury

Heat or Ice on Injuries?

Categories: Back Pain / Pain Management / Sports Medicine

Ask an Orthopedic Series #AskAnOrtho Question: When should I use hot vs. cold therapy for an injury? Both hot and cold therapies can help to reduce pain from a muscle or joint injury, but deciding which course of treatment to take can be more than a little bit confusing! At The Central Orthopedic Group, we  … View More

3 Most Common Arthritis Treatments

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Before seeking treatment for arthritis it’s important to understand the types of arthritis and symptoms. Identifying the specific type of arthritis will allow us to provide treatment options that can help relieve your pain. There are over 100 types of arthritis, in this post we will discuss symptoms and treatments for the most common types.  … View More