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What is a High-Field MRI and Why We Use It

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At Central Orthopedics, our goal has always been to provide patients with the treatment they need to overcome injuries. In order to provide this treatment, we need to first assess these injuries with an MRI machine.

We utilize a new high-field MRI machine, which expands our ability to diagnose injuries and develop treatment plans. For our Long Island orthopedics office, this high-field MRI machine has revolutionized our ability to provide swift, effective treatment.


What is an MRI?

At our Long Island office, providing the best treatment is our top priority. In order to provide this treatment, our team of expert doctors must first understand the injury. The magnetic resonance imaging machine, or MRI machine, is crucial to this process.

As a non-invasive examination of the body, the MRI generally causes little to no discomfort. Our orthopedics office scans bodies to detect issues within the musculoskeletal system. So if any tendons, ligaments or cartilage is injured, our specialists can take the right action. The MRI will also help identify degenerative scoliosis or a broken bone, especially within the spine, hip knee, or ankle.

Conditions that develop over time, rather than from a sports injury, may require a different strategy. Osteoporosis impacts bone density, which could cause pain and discomfort. An MRI can also detect bones with abnormal density, whether from osteoporosis, or an arthritis-related condition.

MRI machines do not use radiation, meaning  there’s a low potential for negative side effects.

MRI In Use


How MRIs Work

All MRI machines operate using magnets and radio waves. They create large, specific images of body parts. However, MRI machines vary in their ability to deliver this image. High field MRI machines operate at a higher capacity than low field and standard MRI machines. Essentially, it’s a more effective machine.

The MRI is only as valuable as the image it produces. Low field MRIs are slightly more spacious than older machines. But they can still inspire claustrophobia. The introduction of high field MRI technology has revolutionized this field. Our Long Island orthopedics office has taken advantage of this technology by using it in our office.


High Field MRI Machine

The improved technology in high field MRI machines allow our specialists to provide better treatment to patients. These machines have a more open design, limiting claustrophobia. This is a common issue in tighter machines.

Most notably, though, these machines produce better images. Body scan images that give a broader perspective of the affected area help the orthopedists to diagnose the issue. This improved image quality enables our specialist to examine the body with greater clarity. These images will play a large role in informing the eventual treatment strategy. If something like revision surgery is needed, the MRI will detect it.

Additionally, high-field MRI machines also complete the imaging process in a much quicker period of time. This has two primary benefits. First, it means that patients will spend less time inside the machine. Second, our Long Island orthopedics office can use the machine to diagnose other patients.

While the high-field MRI machine is an advanced tool, it may not provide specialists with the complete picture. After performing this test, the Long Island orthopedist may discover a need for additional testing. In this case, they may use more diagnostic tools to identify the injury.

Oval MRI Machine

Example: Ankle Sprain

In the Long Island orthopedics world, ankle sprains are a very common injury. It’s equally common for student athletes and adults exercising. Ankle sprains generally consist of a torn or stretched ligament.

While it may begin as simple discomfort, it will generally evolve to serious pain. If left untreated, this ankle injury may impact the cartilage or bone. In this case, most specialists would proceed with an MRI.

The high field MRI machine would provide the doctor with much-needed visuals of the specific ligaments. This will help him or her to prepare a unique, nuanced treatment plan.


Long Island Orthopedics

At Central Orthopedics, our primary goal is to help patients return to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible. Our state-of-the-art MRI machine enables us to do just that.

Our Long Island orthopedists are dedicated to providing the best treatment with long term results. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide an excellent treatment for you or your loved one.