feet in flip flops on the grass

Why You Should Never Wear Flip-Flops Again

Categories: General Orthopedics

Summer is officially over. Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily mean the warm weather is over. In fact, we probably still have another solid month of heat ahead of us before it gets chilly. For many of us, that means another solid month of wearing flip-flops. Many of us consider flip-flops to be super convenient and simple  … View More

Elderly Woman Pruning Flowers in summertime

Common Summertime Cause of Orthopedic Injuries

Categories: General Orthopedics

Here on Long Island, summer’s in full swing. The sun is blazing hot, the days are nice and long, pools are open and the water’s warm. Therefore, we orthopedists are helping our patients deal with the kinds of injuries that are unique to the summer months. Most of us view summer as the best time  … View More

Elderly couple outside with hip pain

How Do You Treat Hip Pain?

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing

At Central Orthopedic, we regularly treat our patients’ ailments ranging from shoulder pain to golf injuries. Often, one of the more prevalent problems our patients face involve the hip. Obviously, our staff of surgeons and pain management specialists understand the difficulties of hip injuries. Without proper treatment, a hip injury can prevent you from engaging  … View More

Close-up of personal physiotherapist rehabilitating senior woman's joints after hip reconstruction

Dislocated Hip: The Symptoms

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing

As a leading Long Island orthopedist, we’re no strangers to hip questions. Very often, our patients complain of hip pain. This includes swelling, aches or feeling “out of place.” Have you been experiencing any of these issues? If so, you might be feeling the symptoms of a dislocated hip. In this post, we’ll discuss hip  … View More

man with back pain playing golf

4 Common Golf Injuries: Treatment & Prevention

Categories: Sports Medicine

Now that summer is upon us, we’re enjoying our favorite outdoor activities again. For many of us, there’s nothing like waking up early on the weekends to hit the golf course. However, the pain that follows can really dampen that joy. While golfing is a therapeutic way to remain active, the potential for a sports  … View More

man holding ankle while outdoors

All About Sprained Ankles

Categories: General Orthopedics

Sprained ankles are one of the most unpleasant sports injuries. Athletes rightfully fear them, as they can take them off their feet for a considerable amount of time. Sprained ankles vary in severity and recovery time, and many patients often have a lot of questions about them. Basically, sprained ankles come from rolling, twisting or  … View More

teenage soccer player injury

The Role of Diagnosis in Sports Injury Treatment

Categories: Sports Medicine

Let’s face it: sports injury recovery is no easy feat. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can take weeks, months or even years. However, before the recovery process, it’s important to be sure that you are receiving treatment for the appropriate condition. Accurate diagnosis is a critical aspect of treating and healing an  … View More

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4 Tips to Care For Exercise Injuries At Home

Categories: Exercises

Across Long Island, we’re still doing our best to adjust to quarantine. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep us indoors, we’re struggling to stay healthy and active while stuck in our houses. In a previous post, we discussed ways to maintain exercise routines during lockdown. However, what happens if you injure yourself? Obviously, most  … View More