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7 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain

Categories: Back Pain

Many people on Long Island are affected by back pain, which can be caused by a variety of factors. Anything from a muscle or ligament strain to a disc problem or arthritis can cause serious back pain. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to naturally ease your symptoms. But first… What  … View More

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What A Pain In The Neck!

Categories: Back Pain / Exercises

Ever wake up feeling like your neck is so stiff that it’s actually immobile? Obviously, many people have, and often attribute that to sleeping the “wrong way,” poor posture, or even sciatica. Of course, neck pain can be a sign of something more serious, like a cervical spine disorder or a herniated disk. However, it’s  … View More

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Summertime Sports Injuries & Their Prevention

Categories: General Orthopedics

The warm, bright and sunny summer months always inspire us to go outside, especially here on Long Island. In addition, we naturally want to engage in sports, swimming and other activities. The pleasant weather turns many of us from lazy and sluggish into physically-active people – and this often invites summertime injuries.   3 Common  … View More

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4 Common Golf Injuries: Treatment & Prevention

Categories: Sports Medicine

Now that summer is finally almost here, it’s time to start enjoying our favorite outdoor activities again. And for many of us, especially on Long Island, there’s nothing like waking up early to hit the golf course. However, the subsequent pain can really dampen that joy. While golfing is a great and fun way to  … View More

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Top 5 Most Body Taxing Jobs

Categories: Back Pain

Did you know that the average person spends almost half their lives working? Therefore, if you find yourself feeling mysterious pains, aches or bruises, it’s likely that you have your job to thank. Usually, our jobs are pretty repetitive. Day in and day out, it calls for the same exact routine. Additionally, if this routine  … View More

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Five Non-Surgical Treatments for Hip & Knee Arthritis

Categories: Arthritis

When it comes to treating hip or knee arthritis, you may have more options than you realize. The hip and knee joint move in different ways. However, the options for treating them are actually quite similar. When consulting with a Long Island orthopedist, it’s important to explore all treatment methods (without postponing) before resorting to  … View More

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7 Ways Seniors Can Exercise During the Winter

Categories: Exercises

As all seniors know, the winter brings a lot of potential hazards. Driving in the snow is dangerous, the flu spreads like wildfire, COVID-19 continues to remain a threat nationwide, and it’s far too cold to exercise. Or is it? As Long Island’s leading orthopedists, we can confirm that it’s essential to keep your body active  … View More