Group of young sporty attractive people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, standing together in Virabhadrasana 1 exercise, Warrior one pose, working out, indoor full length, studio background

4 Tips for Safer Yoga

Categories: Exercises

As a Long Island orthopedist, Central Orthopedic Group treats every kind of orthopedic injury you can imagine. Surprisingly, many of these injuries come from beneficial activities, like your job. Additionally, one of the more surprising activities than can lead to injury is yoga. Of course, at Central Orthopedic Group we understand the many physical (and  … View More

athletic man holding his shin with apparent shin fracture

Comprehensive Guide to Preventing and Recovering from Stress Fractures

Categories: General Orthopedics

Stress fractures are common injuries that can affect anyone, from athletes to individuals with active lifestyles. These tiny cracks in the bones can lead to pain, swelling, and limited mobility if not addressed properly. At Central Orthopedic Group of Long Island, we understand the importance of prevention and effective recovery strategies for stress fractures. In  … View More

Understanding Arthritis: Diagnosis, Care, and Treatment

Categories: Arthritis

Arthritis is a prevalent condition affecting millions of individuals worldwide, causing joint pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. At Central Orthopedic Group of Long Island, we recognize the challenges arthritis poses. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to help patients manage their symptoms effectively. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the diagnosis, care, and  … View More

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How To Handle Arthritis This Winter

Categories: Arthritis / Pain Management

Many people who suffer from arthritis complain that it will flare up during rainy or cold weather. Therefore, winter isn’t always a fun time for those who have the condition. Throughout the winter months it is very true that your arthritis can be considerably more painful. In order to better cope with the pain management,  … View More

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6 Steps to Creating a Spine-Conscious Office Space

Categories: Back Pain

Warehouses are often considered dangerous workplaces– there are hazardous materials, vehicles, and hefty boxes to be carried. There is, however, one extremely dangerous workplace that is often forgotten: the modern office. Unlike warehouses, though, the hazards in offices are far less noticeable– and take more effort to prevent. As Long Island orthopedists, we’ll discuss how  … View More

Exercises for People With Back Pain

Categories: Back Pain / Exercises

Central Orthopedic Group, occupying Long Island’s best orthopedic surgeons and specialists, understand the importance of healthy living. We always emphasize how beneficial exercising, eating healthy and sports medicine can be toward maintaining appropriate orthopedic health. Whether you’re experiencing chronic, acute or temporary back pain, there’s an exercise solution for you. Our physical therapists are experienced  … View More