Doctor with MRI and Patient

What is a High-Field MRI and Why We Use It

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing / General Orthopedics

At Central Orthopedics, our goal is to provide patients with the treatment they need to overcome their injuries. In order to provide this treatment, we need to first assess these injuries with an MRI machine. We recently acquired a new high-field MRI machine, which has expanded our ability to diagnose injuries and develop treatment plans.  … View More

man stretching arm with doctor

Range of Motion: What You Need to Know

Categories: Diagnosis & Testing / Exercises

After suffering from a sports injury or another lifestyle injury, you will likely be in some degree of pain. However, a lack of joint mobility is the true measure of how injured the particular body part is. Without the normal range of motion, the affected joint is still injured. And, consequently, all Sports medicine treatments  … View More

Male tennis player holding racket and ball

5 Common Tennis Injuries & How to Treat Them

Categories: Sports Medicine

With spring finally here, many people are eager to start engaging in their favorite activities. Boating, jogging and golfing are all great sources of exercise, but carry their fair share of risks. While tennis is a leisurely way to spend a quiet Sunday morning, improper technique may lead to injury. As an orthopedics office with  … View More

man with back pain playing golf

4 Common Golf Injuries: Treatment and Prevention

Categories: Sports Medicine

There’s nothing like waking up early Saturday morning to hit the golf course for an early morning game. Except the pain that follows. While golfing is a therapeutic way to remain active, the potential for sports injuries is real. The repetitive motions involved in golf can have a dramatic effect on the body, particularly the  … View More

Transitioning From the Treadmill to Outdoor Running

Categories: Exercises

For runners and exercise enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like going for a steady jog or a brisk run outdoors. With spring nearly here and summer around the corner, runners will be able to leave the treadmill for the outdoors. But, our Long Island orthopedics office specialists urge runners to exercise caution during this transition. Read  … View More

2018 Olympics: Long Island Athletes and Injuries

Categories: Sports Medicine

While curling has earned its reputation as a low-impact Olympic event, not all events are risk-free. Skiing, snowboarding and even sledding, however, pose a much larger danger to the body. With sports ranging from simple tests in coordination to rapid, open-air movement, sports in the winter Olympics can have many potential injuries. Read on to  … View More